Further Opportunities for Interns

Interns Feeding Sheep
Interns Morning Meeting
Intern Weighing Lambs

Placements are reviewed every 8-12 weeks and staff will provide options on reviewing to ensure an Intern’s experiences continue to move them forwards. At some point, Interns will be ready to move on from Lucky Ewe to other destinations. The following are all potential options that an Intern may wish to explore depending on what stage they are at as well as their own personal preferences. Lucky Ewe has some capacity to support Interns to move on to opportunities outside of Lucky Ewe and we will discuss those on an individual basis.

Lucky Ewe Cupar
Lucky Ewe

Bonnyton Farm, KY8 5PF
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07817 278630

Registered Charity: SCIO 050034
15 Ceres Road, Cupar, Fife, KY15 5JT

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